Scissor sharpening by a professional

Good quality scissors and shears can usually be maintained and re-sharpened in a reasonable way, so that the life span is extended and your customer can enjoy his product for a long time. Stancanelli offers a variety of services – whether regrinding, polishing, replacement of screws, stoppers, finger hooks or finger rings, we also make special requests possible – please feel free to contact us.

In addition to classic scissors made in Solingen, such as NTS-Solingen, Jaguar scissors, Tondeo scissors, Witte scissors, EHASO scissors, Textilia scissors etc., we also sharpen hairdressing scissors from renowned international manufacturers such as Mitzutani scissors, Matsuzaki scissors, Kasho scissors, Takei scissors, Hasami scissors, Leader scissors, Jowell scissors and many others.

You can easily order our repair and grinding service.